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Horrorfield Game Mobile APK

One of the interesting games I found today. Has a very unique concept with 5 players involved in it. One person will play the role of a psychopath, while 4 others will play the role of the victim. So, the player who acts as a psychopath will be tasked with chasing and capturing the other 4 characters. And vice versa, the 4 players who become victims must always run and avoid the psychopath. These four victim roles can help each other if someone is caught. And that's the fun of playing this game.

Of course, it's not just running, because the four players who play the role of victims also have to repair 4 power generators in this cursed place, generators that function to turn on automatic doors to escape for the victims. The problem for the victims is that the generators are located separately and sometimes some are hidden. Then the time to repair this generator is also quite long. So it would be quite a surprise if the psychopath appeared out of the blue while we were repairing the generator.

So can you guess the game pattern of this game, guys? . That is, the victim wins if he can turn on all the generators and escape, but the psychopath will win if he manages to catch all of his victims. I think being a psychopath in this game is also quite difficult. Because the psychopath has to work alone. Like 1 player vs 4 players. But strangely, there are always players who take on that role. After all, if no one takes on the role the game won't be able to run.😁.

Uniquely, when I play this game, I don't feel afraid. But instead giggle giggle. Especially when the psychopath chases. Ferocious or not the psychopath depends on the player who takes that role. Because sometimes I get caught up and chased because apparently the psychopath is more persistent in chasing. But yes, it's not uncommon for me to meet someone who plays a psychopath who is less agile. Sometimes I'm even so nervous about chasing after that, the psychopath often gets stuck in the wall 😁 wkwkwkwk it's enough to laugh already. In all the fun and excitement of the gameplay. Unfortunately this game is still in Russian. 😑. But don't worry, because the menus are quite easy to understand 😉


Video Gameplay

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