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Odyssey Lost And Found Platformer Adventure 199mb APK Mod Link + Download Gdrive

(199mb APK via Gdrive)

Game yang tidak ada di Playstore salah satu series lain dari Game Odyssey, ini versi The Lost And Found tentang petualangan platfomer 2D

/Actually, I want to share the game Shadow Hunter
Lost World first. Because I want to try a game while enjoying the gameplay. But whatever power, downloaded the latest version several times, it turns out that the file I found doesn't work. It says "invalid data" when pressing the campaign button. So please provide info, for those who have found and played the Shadow Hunter game mod:
The latest version of Lost World.
Back on topic
As the title suggests, this is a toy-related game. 2D platformer action gameplay with RPG elements in it. It seems that it can also be classified as a roguelike game too, because the level of difficulty is very challenging.
So don't be surprised if the first time you play, you're immediately killed by the enemy.
Because it is also part of the tutorial and the mechanics of the gameplay. Where we will be introduced to the upgrade system and its interesting equipment.

Because what I share is mod money, from the start of the game I can try to upgrade the character. What turns out that this upgrade can make our character's appearance also change. Starting from the face, clothes, hands and others. The point is that the more upgraded the body parts of the character, the cooler it looks. Alias we can change the appearance of this character according to what we want.
Not only that, there are various weapons that we can use to fight. But yes, we have to find the resources so we can craft/make it.
It's also a toy, right? The enemies that we will encounter if not other toys are insects. There are many types / varieties of enemies that we will encounter. What's unique is that there are even toy soldiers who can shoot us with a sniper from a distance. Overall, I think it's cool. There is only one that is less comfortable, namely the controls. I think the placement of the d-pad is not quite right. Altitude, and sometimes it makes the wrong button press the bottom. But this is just my personal opinion.

For graphics, you can say it's interesting. Even the visuals make me interested in wanting to try it. The right choice when you can't get the Shadow Hunter game:
Lost World that works. Not really disappointed. A game that is suitable for those of you who like challenging platformer games with good visuals. It seems suitable for all people, because what I share is the apk mod.


Video Gameplay

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