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Secret Files 2 apk + obb Game Mobile Android Point n Click Puzzle Adventure Link Download + Full Reviews

The first thing when seeing this game back is, the character is a girl and it's quite nice to look at. Yes, at least we can wash our eyes a little while enjoying the gameplay and story. The reason is not really important, but who knows there are friends who like this blog visitor.
After a while, the Point n click adventure game finally appeared, which has good graphics. It even has interesting stories and mysteries. Complete already, as a Pointn Click game, story and graphics are a strong foundation in this genre. Maybe not as famous as The series
Telltale's Walking Dead, but the excitement of the interesting stories and puzzles presented in this game, is really worth enjoying.
The scene is displayed in a 3D animation like a cinematic scene in a game console. I felt like I saw a movie when I saw this game scene. Spoiler alert!!
In this initial scene the player will see an old man walking into a building with his surroundings quiet and in pitch darkness. Suddenly in the bush, two green-eyed creatures appeared. While greeting "Hello", se

red laser aimed at the old man's neck. Jreb, a shot hit his neck and left the old man lying dead. And it turns out that these two creatures are two people wearing special troop clothes, then the eyes that were shining green earlier are Google night vision.
The scene shifts to another place a few hours later. In a place that looks like a library, two people in special forces uniforms are sneaking around.
Now this is where the first gameplay of this game starts, which turns out the graphics in the gameplay still look very good. Like other Point n Click games, to move characters and interact with objects, players only have to tap where they want.
In this early gameplay, I came to know that the two killers were after a secret document. But of course the character I play is very smart.
Because before escaping, he had hidden the document in the right place, a place where his friends could find him. But unfortunately,| before being able to escape, this person su

shot and killed horribly fell from the second floor. And the scene switches to a beautiful red-haired girl in a harbor. What happened next?
Please download and enjoy the story at
inside. While solving the puzzles of course.


Video Gameplay

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