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HeroVersus Mobile Android Game Fighting 300mb APK Gdrive


Game Fighting bagus yang lagi" ada di Taptap cuman blm ada

/Again from Tap-tap. For this game, I recommend downloading directly from Tap-tap, although I will also provide the apk link later. The problem is the first time you play. We
requires internet connection for verification
and checking updates. I'm afraid those who download 1 week to the next month or so will ask for an update once the game is opened.
Because the game itself is basically a freemium game, aka free. So not all characters are open here. Some of them are still locked, and it seems that they can only be opened with the LAP game. Hopefully later you can find the mod file where all the characters are unlocked.
Just information. Even though the game is from Tap-tap, luckily the menu of this game is already in English. So don't worry about confusion between accessing the menus. Then unlike the previous 2 games which also came from tap-tap. This game runs lightly on Mimin's HP, even with HD settings. Later, if you are not comfortable, you can set it back to the quality setting
the video graphics.


Video Gameplay

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