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Doom Wheel Endless Runner Game Mobile Android Unvailable on Playstore now + Link Download (Full Reviews)

Game Endless runner yang sudah tidak ada lagi di Playstore, cukup menantang juga, size game 150mb
berlatar seperti kerajaan viking.

/Games that are no longer on the Playstore.
And what I share is the final version before it disappears from Playstore. One of the endless runner games that I like. That's why I'm excited to update this game, while enjoying the gameplay. Which I think is unique and exciting. As far as I remember this was a premium game. So it's a shame if you ignore it and disappear in the future.
Doomwheel is a fun and endless runner game. Which has been released for android. Developed by an indie game studio Katsu Entertainment in collaboration with Workshop Games.
Doomwheel will wreak havoc by crashing and destroying enemies while avoiding obstacles in its path.
The game will start with a clan naming and a short tutorial about gameplay mechanics and possible upgrades for the game. In this way, players can stab and hit enemies more effectively. Customization requires in-game currency or coins, which players can earn

of the track lanes along the way. And that coin can also be used by players to access new areas on the map.
This game offers players to be able to turn off music and sound effects. You can also try, because sometimes I also feel bored with music that sounds over and over again hehee. The thing that interests me the most is the view from the camera's point of view.
Unlike most endless runner games, which usually use a vertical or horizontal perspective. The point of view in this game is actually tilted, slightly to the side.
It may look odd, but you will get used to it and enjoy the gameplay over time.


Video Gameplay

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