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Cyber War Cyberpunk Re:Born Action Shooter Game Mobile Android APK 300mb

The first time I played, I felt that I had played this game. It's just that I forgot the title and thought this was an online game. I immediately checked, uh, it's true. Crazy too, it turns out that this online game turned into an offline game. However, the title has changed. If the title used to be Dark Prison, now it's CyberWar. The scene opens with our character in a truck with several people inside. It is from this scene that we will know if our characters are already fathers/mothers oey.
Because the main goal of the main character in this game is to save the princess who has been kidnapped and taken to a facility
prison. The princess who has DNA immunity from being kidnapped must be careful. In order to find a vaccine to overcome the virus causing chaos in the world in this game. The goal is good, but as parents, our hero is of course not his child's relationship to be the subject of experimentation.
Until it was revealed that our hero was in a prison where women were taken. But he was not a match for the prison guard robot, and was thrown into a place that would become our base
this game.

It turns out that the gameplay is TPS Action.
The enemies in this game are bandits or inmates in this prison. With weapons such as knives, wooden sticks, katanas and so on. It is possible that firearms are available, such as rifles and pistols. But this is a special class of weapon, the chances of getting it are slim. Because the weapon buying system in this game is gacha. Then our attack and roll movements will be limited by stamina. Which makes the gameplay challenging. But calm down, because what I'm sharing is a mod for using potions that never runs out.
The graphics in this game can be said to be pretty decent for a car game. But it has lousy animated moves. It seems stiff and unsightly to look at. Then there's the problem of unresponsive controls. I don't know if it's only on my cellphone or other cellphones too. Things that make the gameplay less comfortable.
But actually I like the concept of the gameplay, which makes it challenging and fights with strategy.


Video Gameplay

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