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Bu Liang Ren 3 New RPG ONLINE Mobile Android Game 2023

Kali aja ada yg suka game RPG online fren, dengan grafis Ultra HD Graphics,
Size kecil banget cuman 7gb loh :v
meski begitu Buat gamenya gaterlalu berat, masih nyaman buat dimainin Walaupun grafiknya emang GG dengan unreal engine
Buat info Keterangan game, link download, dan info login
cek video Gameplay

/Just for once, there are those who like fren online RPG games, with Ultra HD Graphics,
The size is really small, only 7GB :v
Even so, the game isn't too heavy, it's still comfortable to play, even though the graphics are GG with unreal engine
Create game description info, download links, and login info
Check Gameplay videos


Video Gameplay + Tutorial 

Info Game
Name : Bu Liang Ren 3
Full Size:7,46GB
Platform: Android, IOS
Publisher/Developer: Nebulajoy
Genre : Action, RPG
Mode : Online
Platform : Android
Store : Playstore
Year : 2023

===Game Introduction===
The super Goods martial arts action mobile game Bad Man 3 is coming, and you will get a lot of benefits when you open the server. Tens of billions of gifts are waiting for you!
Bad People 3 mobile game is adapted from the cartoon "Bad People in Jianghu". Here, you will become a martial arts master with unique skills, and your brilliance is unstoppable!
The situation in the last days is changing rapidly, here you will meet Yuan Tiangang (Bad Shuai), the leader of the mysterious organization of bad people, and Zhang Zifan from the Tongwen Museum, Ji Ruxue from the Huanyinfang, Chi Meng, a girl from Raojiang, etc., compose a soul-stirring composition in the turbulent times. heroic poem!
Download it now, break the deadlock in the turmoil of the major forces, lead the heroes from all walks of life to embark on the road of the strong, and show your ambition!

===Game Features===
① Free 168 draws, who is the supreme European emperor!
Say goodbye to Gua Sha, and say hi to SSR's superb character! Novices can kill the audience in seconds! Full of benefits, daily gift packs, festival activities, non-stop delivery of bad silver ingots, training materials get soft, instantly become stronger, not just talk!

② Cut the generals and defeat the enemy, and mow the grass in a variety of ways!
You can sweep thousands of troops here and show off your spirit. Cross-server gameplay, Smash Bros., world BOSS, and various combat modes allow you to have a smooth combat experience. From wearing equipment to top-notch weapons, from combat talents to character fetters, the gameplay is innovative, and it is easy to become stronger! There is also a considerate hosting system, which doubles the experience of laying down and winning easily!

③ Respond to every call, and the online connection of friends will be strengthened!
Don't want to be a lone wolf in the game? Come Bad People 3! It's cool to fight alone, but it's also unforgettable to wander the rivers and lakes with like-minded friends. Establish alliances and cross-server battles, chat leisurely on the world channel, let us record the golden years together!

④Flesh and blood, characters and passers-by are unforgettable!
Fireworks in troubled times, joys and sorrows, every knight in the world of bad people has a different exclusive mission plot. You can personally experience their legendary lives, cultivate the intimacy of knights, and attract wise men from all over the world to travel together!

⑤Splendid mountains and rivers, picturesque scenery in downtown and quiet suburbs!
This mountain! This water! This light effect! From the Xiaoxiao Bamboo Forest to the lonely Tianshan Mountains, from the hustle and bustle of the city to the beautiful mountains and rivers, the latest picture engine, leading global illumination technology and data density comparable to end-games have created endless romantic rivers and lakes and beautiful mountains and rivers. Here, there is always a light that belongs to you.

⑥The plot reappears, thrilling and unforgettable!
"Famous scenes" are all available. Whether you have seen the original animation or not, you can experience the original story in an all-round way without any obstacles. Friends old and new are welcome to witness the growth of the protagonists and experience the happy rivers and lakes. A bad person for a day, a bad person for a lifetime!

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