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One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 Eggns Emu Android Switch Tested Poco F4

Game One Piece Terbaru lancar dimainkan di Emulator Eggns / Switch emu dengan Poco F4 

Petualangan bajak laut topi jerami yang melegenda itu sebentar lagi bakal menjadi Raja Bajak Laut seperti Gold D Roger.
Sumber : Eggns FB

/The newest One Piece game is played smoothly on the Eggns Emulator / emu Switch with Poco F4

The adventures of the legendary straw hat pirate will soon become the Pirate King like Gold D Roger.
Source: Eggns FB

Video Gameplay

One Piece Game ROM Check Here Visit

Switch Emulator Download

Switchdroid folder Check Here
(Download The Switchdroid Folder at step 2)


1. Install Switch Emulator

2. Extract SwitchDroid folder

3. Open Emulator and check folder directory for data switch droid + rom games this my example folder location 

4. Load Game this my example games and renew register again new with email for vip and Online First connection
 Play witch touchscreen before that u must registered for play free

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