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Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Online Game Now Available for Offline Gameplay

I didn't think that this game would eventually become an offline game after the server closed. So I want some good games, the server is closed hahaha. Who knows, maybe it will become an offline game, like this game. For this game, I think the offline version is quite worth it. Because we can still play the quest. Where the quests are there are many more. With characters that are all open. At least we can enjoy the characters in SAO. For nostalgia too, because it's been a long time since the SAO anime series hasn't appeared again.
Turns out it's fun to play the game Short Art Online:
Memory Defrag. Have fun gameplay with very simple controls, mostly using swipe and tap on the screen. Like the anime series, in this game the player will control a young man in an online game with the character name Kirito. One of the things about this character that male jones dream of is his daily life in the world of SAO, where he is always surrounded by beautiful girls. The story in the game takes place when Kirito just started playing SAO
for 1 month

There will be several menus in this game. Town, where players will meet other players in this game. Party, is a menu for entering or setting party members who will participate in battle, just tap the character card while in battle, then the character will change to another. then Quest, which I'm sure players already know about this function., Multi, and scout. As I wrote above, the controls in this game are very simple.
To move the player, just swipe to the right, and to jump, of course, swipe upwards, then to avoid, the player can swipe towards his back to the enemy, and finally, tap which functions to
The game that I will share is a mod game. where character attacks will produce critical attacks with enormous damage. This is the problem, the game is too easy with this mod. Maybe if there are non-mod apks, I prefer non-mod apks. But for now, unfortunately, the average non-mod apk still uses Japanese.


Video Gameplay

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