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SRS Racing Review Gameplay on Android Tested Sharp Aquos R3 + Ipega Gamepad

This time, Mimin is playing a racing game again, but it's been a long time in the Dolphin Emulator, because I don't talk about this emulator anymore. Of course, this is a Legends racing game entitled SRS Racing which was also released on the PS2 Gamecube and other platforms. Only on Android there isn't any, so Mimin just plays with the Dolphin Emulator, okay, just go ahead and play better with the Gamepad here, Mimin uses the Ipega 9055 Red Knight Gamepad

Tested Snapdragon 855 Aquos R3 Android 10

Dolphin EMU MMJ Download or Playstore Download

SRS Racing Game Check Here or Search on Internet Search Here


Video Gameplay

Tutorial :

1. Install Dolphin emu

2. Extract File ROM before .zip .rar .7z for ISO GCM CISO nkit.ciso nkit etc first (example this game)

3.  Add ur Rom folder game directory  first click + Icon for add

4. Enjoy Play ur games emu Dolphin

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