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Awakening Horror Mobile Android First Person Zombie Nice Graphics 800mb APK

The latest version can now be played on my cellphone. The good thing is that apart from being more compatible with the latest HP OS, the episodes are also complete. One of the fun android horror games in my opinion, where the tension is quite intense. The area is also unique and gives a feeling of discomfort typical of the Silent Hill game. Which is full of fog, deserted and monsters in it.
The thing that made me curious about wanting to try this game was the many requests that came in. What's the game like? It turns out that the genre is quite common in horror games, namely FPS. Oh yeah, my suggestion is if you want to feel stronger playing using ear phones,
Head Set or similar. Because apart from the visuals, the audio also sounds scary, guys
The story is also interesting, although quite market. namely a person who is unlucky because the car he uses on the way back to his house instead breaks down in a city he doesn't know and is scary. Even though the main character named George Turner often passes this way.

From here the story background is similar to the legendary Playstation horror. Guess what? In this town called Elizabeth George's car broke down.
What's quite strange and scary is that the fog is very thick in this city, so visibility is quite limited. What makes us as players frown is si
This George only brought a flashlight. And it seems there is no initiative to pick up something that can be used as a weapon. So
if there is an enemy can only run.
Exploration is what we should do in this game. because there are some interesting information and useful items that we can find. At the first turn we will find a map of this small town on a table. I think we have to pick up this map already. There are several details on the map that are very useful for exploring this cursed city. And from this map, we will know that the area of this early chapter is actually not that wide. Then we will also find some interesting articles or information about events in this city

For example the mysterious death of a child named Travis, it is said that this child died internally
his dream. Whereas previously this child had no history of heart disease. His body was found by his younger brother who was also in very poor condition. His body weight was well below his age, and he was also deep
disturbed mental state. His sister is past
taken to a hospital called St.
Edmund and under the supervision of the doctor there.
There will be some puzzles in this town with clues too but in separate places.
A little info from me, namely be prepared when opening a gate in the south of the city. The gate with the puzzle.
The problem is when the gate opens, 2 zombies will appear roaming around and if you see si
George, they're gonna catch up and finish him off. But don't worry, just run or dodge until they ignore us.
By observing their movement patterns, we can finish chapter 1 easily.
At the same time excited because of the tension hehehe.
For chapter 2 it will be in an area with a different situation. More sinister things will be


Video Gameplay

Info Game
📃Title : Awakening Horror
🎬Genre : Horror
🎮Mode : Offline 
🚻Multiplayer : -
⏱️Year : 2019
📱Platform : Android,
📝Dev/Pub : Blazes
💾Size : 800mb+
⭐Rating :  3.8 / 5.0
🔖Store : Playstore (Paid Game)
OS : Android 4+ Up

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