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Monopoly Board Game Mobile Android New Version


I checked how many people like this game. That's why I updated all of them instead of just fixing the links. But unfortunately, this latest version has a much bigger size. Just see, from 40mb to 350mb. And also now requires OS 6.0 and above.
Really think too. But the good effect is, the game files in this post can be enjoyed by users with the latest or newer OS.
This is a game that has the exact same type of game as the Monopoly game we played when we were little. Where this game consists of a
pawns that will represent the players, dice, and cards. and players must take turns in
play it. Don't take it for granted, because this game is as much fun as playing real monopoly. I myself was lulled to play this game until more than 2 hours. Because time seems to go fast

At the beginning of the game the player must determine the number of players who will participate, the minimum number is 2 and the maximum is 4. We will control one player while the rest will be controlled by Al, with the level of difficulty we can choose, starting from easy, normal and hard. I don't know whether I can use the multiplayer feature with friends or not, because I haven't tried it.
This type of game play is very simple, that is, the player will get $ 200 money every time he completes one round. Then the player has to buy the land if it is in the land box, but can auction it off if the player runs out of money or is not interested in the land, the player with the highest bid will get the land.
Then, players can only build houses or even hotels, if they have a complex of land. Now, this is where the excitement is, because with other players we can negotiate and make offers, if the other player owns one of the lands in our complex, we can


Video Gameplay

Info Game
📃Title : Monopoly
🎬Genre : Board
🎮Mode : Offline
🚻Multiplayer : Yes
⏱️Year : 2019
📱Platform : Android,
📝Dev/Pub : Marmalade Game Studio
💾Size : 327mb++
⭐Rating : 4.4 / 5.0
🔖Store : Playstore
OS : Android 6+ UP

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