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Games Of The Year 2022 Best Mobile Android

Collection of the Best Game Releases in 2022
Previously, Mimin discussed the best games in 2022, the Playstore version. This time, Mimin discussed the best games, Mimin's own version, which was released this year. There are 28 new game titles that have been released which, according to Mimin, are the best recommendations that Mimin has summarized below

/Kumpulan Games Terbaik Rilisan di Tahun 2022
Sebelumnya kemarin mimin bahas games terbaik di Tahun 2022 versi Playstore kali ini mimin bahas games terbaik versi mimin sendiri yang rilis di Tahun ini,. ada 28 judul games terbaru yang sudah Rilis yang menurut mimin rekomendasi terbaik yang sudah mimin Rangkum berikut ini 

1. Tahu Bulat Stories   Download

2. Octopath Traveler  Download

3. Turnip Boy  Download

4. DLS 2023   Download

5. Moonlighter   Download

6. Moto City Mad   Download

7. Warnet Bocil Simulator  Download

8.  The Last Day  Download

9. Angry Birds Journey  Download

10. Dragon quest builder  Download

11. Last Hope 3   Download

12. Dysmantle   Download

13. Doom & Destiny World   Download

14. The Last Survivor   Download

15. Parahcuy   Download

16. Race Max Pro  Download

17. Street Of Rage 4   Download

18. Off-road Mudnes  Download

19. Abandon Ship  Download

20. Xeno Command  Download

21. Road Redemption  Download

22. Devil War  Download

23. Fury Unleashed  Download

24. Fatys Different World Download

25. Scourge Bringer  Download

26. Dungeon Munches   Download

27. Dday 2  Download

28. Arida  Download

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