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Bulb Boy Point n click Mobile Android Game 165mb APK

An absurd point n click game, both from the story, the characters and the world. This horror and gore game has the character of a light bulb boy. Really like a light bulb, which glows, and strangely can be removed. And this will be part of the absurdity in the gameplay. Her innocent and cheerful character actually feels weird, sometimes she looks quite creepy.
This point n click game does not have a narrative in it, but we will understand the interactions of the characters. From the pictures that appear when they talk. The puzzle is also quite easy to understand. As usual, we only need to interact with the objects in the area to know what to do.
It's quite interesting. Even though the story is absurd, it actually makes you curious about what will happen next.
The game starts with Bulb Boy relaxing with his grandpa and his pets up front
tv. His name is also the bulb family, so the grandfather is also the same. Maybe this game is even set in the world of lamphead creatures

rich. Long story short, there came a dark shadow from the sky that entered
their residence.
This is where the terror in this game begins.
Many monsters appeared in the house and the grandfather seemed to be possessed by something evil. To find out the next story, you have to play this game yourself. For more on the visuals and gameplay, you can see the gameplay video below.
Perhaps you will be interested after watching the video
the gameplay


Video Gameplay

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