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Niffelheim Mobile Android Survial Game Offline 500mb APK

Judging from the gameplay screenshots, this game looks like a side scrolling hack n slash game
Because the camera angle is on the side.
But after I tried it, it turned out to be a survival game. Where besides the health bar there is also a food bar. As well as the existence of crafting / utilizing existing resources to make useful tools / objects. Either to survive or make life easier. Including making weapons and potions.
In this game we will act as a Viking Knight. With 4 choices of characters that will be our avatar in this game.
They look fierce and ferocious typical of the nation
Vikings. It is said that the setting of this game is in the afterlife. They are brave warriors who fell in battle. They should find peace in Argard. But instead they are in Niffleheim, a world that is harsh and dangerous.
A knight will remain a knight even after his death. They will fight for a proper place

in Asgard. The long struggle for the characters and those of us who play them. There is also a dungeon that we can explore. Inside there are many ferocious monsters roaming. A dangerous place, but every monster we defeat will drop a valuable resource that we need.


Video Gameplay

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