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Abandon Ship New Strategy Offline Mobile Android Game in 2022


This is a ship themed game
strategy simulation gameplay. Yes we are
will steer the ship here,
battle with other ships as well.
But in the battle, we will
control the crew of the ship. And this
conveyed in detail
the gameplay. Including parts
part of the ship and crew in
inside. each crew
have their own specialties,
and we are at the beginning of the gameplay, should be
select/free 3 characters
who will be our crew later.

It might be a little confusing
at first. Calm down, the tutorial will
make us understand. Like
how to move character,
repair the ship, until involved
in battle with ships
other. From here, if we understand
and understand the gameplay,
probably will like the game
this. The point is that the control game is similar
with the old windowS RPG game.
It's just that our adventures are not
is in a dungeon, but in the ocean
with a big ship. Manage it
as the captain of the ship.


Video Gameplay

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