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Lego Batman Beyond Gotham Lite Version 600mb APK Offline

This time, I'm discussing the Lego Batman game Again, the Beyond Gotham City series isn't on the Playstore, but I'm giving you the lite version! and already supports android 11
It is the third installment in the Lego video game series
Batman and Lego Batman The Video Game and Lego sequels
Super Heroes Batman 2 DC. In the game play, Brainiac invades Earth, intending to shrink the planet and add it to his collection, which forces Justice
League and Legion of Doom to form an unlikely alliance to stop it.

Game Info:
Title: Lego Batman Beyond Gotham LITE
release date: August 12, 2015
Genre: Adventure, Action
Developer : TT Games, Traveler's Tales
Platforms: Android, i0S, PlayStation 3, DlI
Size: 600MB
Connection: Offline
add-on: Android 7.0+ Up to Android 11
Disadvantages of the lite version are no cutscenes and music.
Watch out!! Android 4.0+ to Android 5.0+ doesn't support because the game has been updated.

/Kali ini mimin bahas game Lego Batman Lagi series Beyond Gotham City tidak ada di Playstore tetapi mimin kasih Versi versi lite! dan sudah support android 11
Ini adalah angsuran ketiga dalam seri video game Lego
Batman dan sekuel Lego Batman The Video Game dan Lego
Batman 2 DC Super Heroes. Dalam cerita permainan, Brainiac menyerang Bumi, berniat untuk mengecilkan planet dan menambahkannya ke koleksinya, yang memaksa Justice
League dan Legion of Doom untuk membentuk aliansi yang tidak mungkin untuk menghentikannya.

Info Game : 
Judul: Lego Batman Beyond Gotham LITE
Tanggal rilis: 12 Agustus 2015
Genre: Adventure, Action
Developer: TT Games, Traveller's Tales
Platform: Android, i0S, PlayStation 3, DlI
Ukuran: 600 MB
Koneksi: Offline
Membutuhkan: Android 7.0+ Sampai Android 11
Kekurangan versi lite tidak ada cutscene dan musik.
Peringatan!! android 4.0+ sampai android 5.0+ tidak support dikarenakan game nya sudah update.

Video Gameplay

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