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Almora Darkosen RPG Action Like Diablo Mobile Android Game Offline Full Reviews + Link Download


Almora Darkosen (Android)
For those who are looking for a diablo-like game similar to a Diablo/Rogue Like game, now in the Playstore, you can find something interesting. This is an offline hack and slash game produced by Gear
Studio made by 1 person. Salute, only 1 person, but the results are very smooth and light, the gameplay is also ok, tested on a low end SD625 cellphone, it can run at 60fps.

Map explorenya is also quite extensive. The pounding effect of the action is felt. Eagle's eye view or called Top Down ala RPG Classic PC in its time and there is a quest system, loot & craft etc

For full size, it's only 91mb. Score on playstore 4.9/5.0. There is a premium version, the difference is that it's free ads & features are not too important. Ads or ads here don't bother you either, after all
can turn off data for offline.
okay, so many recommendations for offline android games like diablo.

/Almora Darkosen (Android)
Buat yang Nyari game diablo-like mirip game diablo / Rogue Like nah di playstore nemu juga yg menarik Ini game offline hack and slash produksi Gear
Studio yg dibikin oleh 1 orang. Salut cuma 1 orang tp hasilnya mulus ringan banget, Gameplay nya juga ok, tested di hp low end SD625 bisa jalan 60fps loh.

Map Explorenya juga lumayan luas. Efek gebuknya actionnya kerasa. View mata elang atau disebut Top Down ala RPG Classic PC pada masanya dan ada Sistem quest, loot & craft dll

Buat full sizenya cuma 91mb. Score di playstore 4.9/5.0. Ada versi premium bedanya cm free ads & fitur fitur ga terlalu penting. Ads atau iklan disini ga mengganggu juga, toh
bisa matikan data buat offline.
oke sekian rekomendasi game android offline mirip diablo.

Info Game 
Title : Almora Darkosen
Genre : RPG, Action
Platform : Android
Mode : Offline
Store : Playstore (Free Game)
Rating : 4.9 / 5.0
Dev/Pub : Gear Studio
Year : 2014

Video Gameplay

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