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Steel and Flesh 2 Action + Strategy Android Offline Game in 2019 HD 3D Epic Colossal

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Baru merintis susah bener kalau baru main setiap bikin aliansi malah sekutu tumbang sama lawan,bingung mau aliansi sama siapa? Mungkin ini pertanyaan kalian kalo baru main tips nya sih harus pintar" membaca situasi keadaan baik diri sendiri Equipment ability dan kekuatan musuh dan kawan.. 

Merupakan game Action 3D Dan campuran genre Strategy berlatar Abad pertengahan saat perang jaman dulu.. dengan pasukan Epic yang banyak gamenya sudah tersedia di Playstore Rilis tahun 2019 free game size 200mb

/Just starting out, it's really hard, if you just play every time you make an alliance, your ally collapses with your opponent, confused about who you want to make an alliance with? Maybe this is your question, if you're new to playing the tips, you have to be smart" to read the situation of your own good condition Equipment abilities and the strengths of enemies and friends..

It's a 3D Action game and a mix of Strategy genres set in the Middle Ages during the ancient war... with Epic troops, many of which are already available on Playstore. Released in 2019 free game size 200mb

Title : Steel and flesh 2
Genre : Action, Strategy
Size : 200mb+
Year : 2019
Platform : Android
Mode : Offline
Dev/Pub : Virtual Studio
Rating : 4.3 from 5

Video Gameplay

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