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Slender The Arrival New Mobile Android Horror Game in 2021


Here, for those who like Horror Horror games with stories, there is a way
the story is good graphics, this game is also available on PC and just got the mobile version Released in 2021 available on Playstore

Nih buat yang suka game Horror Horror dengan story' ada jalan
ceritanya grafik bagus yah game inĂ­ hadir juga di PC dan baru dapat versi mobile nya yang rilis tahun sekarang di 2021sudah ada di playstore juga

Title : Slender the Arrival
Genre : Horror
Size : 600mb+
Dev/Pub : Blue Isle Studio
Year : 2021
Store : Playstore (Free Game)
Platform : Android, PC, etc
Rating : 4 from 5

Video Gameplay

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