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Ryuko legend of shadow New Mobile Android Game in 2021 Action - Hack n Slash (Mode Offline)


A new offline game in 2021 now, just released a day ago, a game similar to Takashi Ninja Warrior, but better. According to Mimin, it's also similar to the combination of the Tenchu game that was released on PS / PlayStation first and the Takashi Ninja Warrior game
Finally released on play store indo...

If the game has a mod later, it's possible that Mimin will share it again, for now Mimin is just discussing reviews. Download can check the playstore free game with a size of 164mb
Fren's new game, with bad graphics GG is good

/Game offline baru di tahun 2021 sekarang nih, baru aja aja rilis sehari lalu, game mirip Takashi Ninja Warrior, tapi lebih bagus. Kalo menurut Mimin juga mirip perpaduan game Tenchu yang rilis di PS / PlayStation dulu dan game Takashi Ninja Warrior
Akhirnya rilis jg di play store indo...

Kalo game nanti ada mod, kemungkinan bakal Mimin share lagi, untuk yg sekarang Mimin cuman bahas review aja Download bisa cek playstore free game dengan size 164mb
Game baru fren, dengan grafisnya GG parah bagus

Link Store


Title: Ryuko legend of shadow
Genre: Action, Hack & slash. 
Size: 164 mb
Store : Playstore (Free Game)
Year : 2021
Dev/Pub : Horizon Games
Rating : 4.1 from 5

Screenshot :

Video Gameplay

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