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The Haven Star New Game in 2021 Android Survival Horror Zombie Can Playing Mode Offline Like Life After


Game baru di tahun 2021 bisa Offline dan Online bergenre survival zombie mirip sama game yang kemarin Mimin posting Sejenis Game Life After cuman gamenya masih early akses awal yang beberapa fitur belum optimal.. secara gamenya lumayan bagus size memang besar 1gb+ dan sudah tersedia di Playstore

/New games in 2021 can be Offline and Online with zombie survival genre, similar to the game that Mimin posted yesterday, only the game is still early access, some features are not optimal... the game is pretty good, the size is 1gb+ and it's already available on Playstore

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Title : The Haven star
Genre : Survival
Size : 1gb+
Dev/Pub : Pre-oasis
Year : 2021
PlayStore : Yes (Free game)

Video Gameplay


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