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WWE Immortal Fighting Game Mobile Android APK OBB 1.3gb (Full Reviews)

A game with a brutal fighting scent made by Netherrealm studios. The gameplay of this game is similar to the game Injustic Gods among us and also Infinity Blade, where the fights are done by tapping and sliding on the screen. The formation in the game's fight is 3 against 3 against the computer. If the right character is chosen, then they will get special attributes such as additional attack, defense, or attack speed. To switch from one character to another, simply tap the character's photo desired in the top left of the screen. Every character in WWE Immortal is depicted not with their wrestling costumes, but with a very fitting medieval depiction worn by the characters. The sharpness of the graphics of the characters and the environment is also very good, as are the character's moves that are interesting to watch. This game gets more exciting with the presence of bosses at the end of the chapter, with extra large HP and damage requiring strategy and patience to face them.



Video Gameplay

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