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Smash Hit Mod Menu APK Mobile Android Game Arcade 70mb Low Size (Full Reviews)

Game ini bakal bikin player ketagihan karena seru dan menantang banget, bro! Semakin lancar player mainnya, semakin tinggi juga score yang player bisa dapetin. Jangan sampe kena jebakan kaca hitam ya, bisa langsung ngerugiin bola-bola besi player. Selain itu, player juga bisa dapetin upgrade buat bola besi dan power-up yang bisa ngebantu player dalam permainan. Makin seru deh mainnya, apalagi kalo bisa ngehasilin combo tembakan bola besi yang epic! Yuk, cobain game ini sekarang juga dan liat seberapa jauh player bisa nyampein score tertinggi! Mangstap!

/Is a unique and fun game. Players simply have to navigate each corridor that is filled with many glass traps, and must destroy all of these traps with the iron ball they possess. The further the corridor that can be passed, the higher the score the player can get. As an initial capital, players will be given 25 iron balls to destroy various types of glass traps. There are 2 types of glass that, when destroyed by the player, will have different effects in the game, namely blue glass and black glass. For every blue glass that the player destroys, the player will get 3 iron balls. Meanwhile, black glass is a trap that must be destroyed using the ball. Once the character hits the black glass, the player will immediately lose 10 iron balls they have. Successfully shooting consecutive blue glass without missing at all will result in its own benefits for the player. Normally only 1 iron ball is thrown when the player shoots, if the player successfully shoots 10 consecutive blue glass without missing, the player can throw 2 iron balls at once in one shot. 20 times in a row will allow the player to throw 3 iron balls at once in one shot and so on. In addition to iron balls that can be upgraded automatically, players will also find various power-ups. There are power-ups that can shoot 10 bullets in one move, and there are also power-ups that make the game move in slow motion. All types of power-ups will be found directly in each of their corridors without the need to open them first.


Video Gameplay

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