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Own Super Squad 60mb APK Mobile Android Game Action Multiplayer

Is a hack nlash game where players can transform into a ranger with cute characters. Each character in this game really has their own unique strengths according to their personality. You can feel a significant difference when playing Tako, Pinat, Tarra, Jasteen and Towa. Tako is the main character in this game, with standard strength. Tako is a character who is balanced in his various abilities. Pinat has a high running speed so it is suitable for playing on missions to collect crystals. Pinat's transformation has an even crazier speed and can lock up enemies quickly.

Tarra, as the only feminine person in this game, has a different weapon from the other characters, namely long range. He is armed with a ball that he can throw at enemies. When transformed he can shoot arrows at his enemies. Apart from the two of them, there are also Jasteen and Towa who have abilities that are no less special. Jasteen has a unique way of moving by rolling. He is very fast in carrying out attacks and the fastest in getting the energy to change shape. Towa himself has slow speed but great strength. He also has high HP.

The voiceovers in this game are also interesting and funny. However, like games that are available for free on the Google Play Store, this game uses an energy system when you want to act. Winning or losing, your energy will still be reduced, which will disrupt the excitement of this game a little and you will have to wait for the energy in the game to be refilled or buy energy in the application. But this game is still worthy of entertainment that kills gamers' boredom, with five playable characters with their own unique strengths.



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