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FZ9 Thimeshift Legacy of The cold Mobile Android Game FPS With Story 800mb APK

A game with a unique concept. Unique because it uses bullet time mode like Max Payne and 9mm. But it is packaged more dominantly in gameplay. The bullet time mode will always be active if we are still or not moving, and conversely, time will flow normally if we move. Can you imagine? how great we are in this game!. It's as if we move very effectively with accurate predictions of enemy bullet directions. Having this ability alone is already great, especially with this slow motion mode, our shots also seem very precise and effective. I can say that one shot, one enemy life is taken. Even John Wick can lose if his enemies are as great as this. (For those who don't know, John Wick is a popular film with a character of a hitman, John is a committed and focused man in his work. He became a legend among his peers) But of course, whether a game is good or not, sometimes it depends on the player's taste who plays it. So I'm not surprised if there are some players who don't like this mode because it's cumbersome and lacks action. As for myself, I like the mode. It's quite exciting to dodge enemy bullets while firing back. Even when we reload, in an emergency, we can throw our weapon at the enemy to make them stunned for a while. Then we can attack them using a knife, then take back our weapon and shoot other enemies. Sometimes there are enemies who run towards us wielding a knife when we are cornered. Play the game with imagination to enjoy the gameplay more. Everyone's motivation to play games is different, but I play games for fun and refreshing _^ What's a shame is that this game requires an internet connection to be played online. So the story mode in this game will also be packaged in missions like other online games. The background story of this game is not clear. But we will play as a US military soldier named "Mak" (A funny name, reminds me of a Thai comedy horror movie titled Pee Mak :v, a comedy movie recommendation from me). Mak will fight in each mission to eliminate a group of armed people, whether they are mafia or terrorists.


Video Gameplay

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