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Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BC2) Android Mobile Game Version APK FPS Support All Devices

This is a cool FPS game based on the best-selling console game from DICE. Experience a thrilling sensation that pumps the player's adrenaline from close-range combat. Provides a variety of extreme battle locations, such as tropical forests, snowy areas of the North Pole, to deserts.

This game is optimized for devices with wide screens such as tablet screens with HD quality, players will get a wider and more detailed view. There are 14 missions with 5 real battle zones. Attack enemy troops with weapons and combat vehicles. Weapons available include more than 14 types of firearms and knives for rocket launcher grenades. As well as the action of driving combat vehicles, including Tanks and Helicopters.

Actually, it's an old game, guys, I've just had it on my hard disk for a long time. I forgot to make a game post this good, until there was a post in a Facebook game group. So remember, then I uploaded and made a random review in today's game post. It has gameplay that is no less than the Modern Combat Series, so it is a game that is very worthy of sharing and sharing with gamers



Video Gameplay

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