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Robots Destroyer: Red Siren Mobile Android Game APK MOD

As Red Siren warriors, our main duty is to protect our headquarters or base from enemy attacks. We will face various types of enemies such as tanks, planes, and robots attacking from both sides of the base. To complete the mission, we must destroy all incoming enemies. In battle, we have a map that can help us know the enemy's position. This allows us to create strategies and decide which enemy to attack first. The game looks simple but challenging and exciting enough. The difficulty level will increase as the game progresses, but we can purchase and upgrade our weapons to face it. The graphics in this game are excellent and the battle effects look cool. Although we will be attacked by enemy bullets, avoiding them is not difficult. The comfortable controls allow us to maneuver or move the airplane as desired. The analog sensor on the left side of the screen is used to move the airplane, while the action buttons on the right side are used to shoot using bombs, missiles, and rockets. The default rifle shooting will take place automatically when the enemy is within the airplane's shooting range. However, we need to buy and install other weapons to use them in battle. The setting of this game is in the future when Earth's resources are becoming scarce. Humans have developed technology for interplanetary travel and to extract resources from other planets. Fierce competition occurs, leading to inevitable wars. Some organizations are trying to rob and control these mines. As Red Siren warriors, our task is to protect the mines from the robbers and other organizations trying to seize them.talkai.info/id/chat/


Video Gameplay

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