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Castlevania Grimoire of Souls Mobile Android Game APK Platformer HD+


After a long time, I finally decided to share an online game again. For Castlevania, even though it's an online game, I will share it on this blog because it's interesting to discuss. There are many interesting things about the story of this game, whether it's about the main enemy of this series, Lord Dracula, the Belmont family, or other things. Many characters from the classic Castlevania series will be present in this game. To commemorate Konami's 50th anniversary, this old school Dev released Castlevania game for Android titled "Castlevania Grimoire of Souls". Going back to its roots, this game has the classic Castlevania gameplay, which is an adventure side-scrolling hack n slash 2D. But it's packaged with better graphics and controls that are adjusted to the touchscreen of smartphones. Classic Castlevania players will probably like it. We can reminisce a little with its gameplay. Anyone who has played Castlevania Symphony of The Night will be familiar with the default main character of this game. He is the son of Dracula, none other than Alucard. In this game, he identifies himself as Genya Arikado. With a more modern and different appearance. He gets involved because of a letter from an unknown organization. And because of the appearance of dark creatures that should have been sealed along with the permanent seal of Dracula. To find out the story more clearly and in more detail, play the game yourself. It's actually explained and quite interesting, but because I was curious about the gameplay, I skipped most of the in-game events. However, at least from this game, we will know what Alucard did after the events of Symphony of the Night. It turns out he is living like an ordinary human with a new identity.


Video Gameplay

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