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Drake n Trap Mobile Android Game RPG

Wow, this gameplay is so exciting! The graphics and visuals are also great. It's such a shame to miss out on it. It's actually rare to find a freemium game like this with such interesting elements. Plus, it can be played offline, has a friendly and lightweight size. It runs smoothly on my phone, which is a medium to low-spec device. I found out about this game from a comment by "lgnis" in the comment section, so a big thanks to them.

There are still several game details that I haven't shared here. It's an action RPG game with a dungeon exploration theme. It's dangerous with lots of traps and enemies inside. The interesting thing is that we can summon warriors in this game to help us in battles. There are various warriors with their own classes and weapons.

There are big Fish, Lancers, Archers with long-range arrow attacks, Guards armed with bastard swords, Bomb Dwarfs, and many others. It is from these warriors that we

With the top-down camera angle, it makes it easy for us to see and anticipate what we will encounter in the next room. Usually, in a room-shaped gameplay becomes more lively and exciting.


Video Gameplay

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