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KungFu Quest The Jade Tower Mobile Android Game Platformer Action 26mb APK

A side-scrolling action game with simple graphics and gameplay. It reminds me of old console games. All we do is defeat enemies in each stage or floor of a tower. Enemies will attack from both the left and right directions. At first, it's easy to handle, but as we progress through the floors, it becomes more difficult. From weak enemies with bare hands, armed enemies appear, and eventually aggressive and tough enemies appear in certain stages. In this game, the player takes on the role of a kung fu fighter who travels back in time to stop something that could destroy the world. Entering a tower with many enemies that he must defeat. Passing through floor after floor until reaching the top. Then, facing the main villain named Chong Lee. I was actually hesitant to share this game because the gameplay feels repetitive. But after thinking about it, maybe there are people who


Video Gameplay

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