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Icycle on Thin Ice Mod Mobile Android Game APK

Weird game! That's what I thought when I tried it for the first time. Played it longer, "Hey, it's actually fun!" And once again, this is a game that I got from a friend in the comment section. So, a big thanks to Bro "lgnis". Actually, I was kind of hesitant to share this game. Not because of its gameplay, but more because of the appearance of the character we play. Just look at it! But after thinking about it more, around "5 minutes", it's a shame not to share it. Besides, it's not like it's clearly visible. It's still safe. Actually, the story isn't important, but it seems interesting to write about. This game tells the story of a man named Dennis. The only human left in this game. Whether lucky or unlucky, he woke up in a post-apocalyptic era after a long sleep in a cryogenic tube. In this era, the earth has become extremely dangerous with its cold temperature. And unfortunately, our character Dennis isn't wearing any clothes. Where can he find them? But don't worry, we can buy clothes at the store.

gameplay of this game is in the form of a unique platformer. There are many exciting additional elements in it. In this game, Dennis moves while riding a bike. So we can't just jump around, because we have to pay attention to the balance and the jumping point. Because falling in this game means freezing, or having to repeat the level from the checkpoint. That also requires a certain amount of ice (in-game currency) to be redeemed. But because what I'm sharing is a mod apk, you can ignore this. Falling or freezing multiple times doesn't matter. As the progress increases, there will be several additional elements that make the gameplay even more exciting. For example, an umbrella that can make Dennis descend by floating. In certain levels, this umbrella can even make Dennis soar in the air. Which actually makes the gameplay similar to Flappy Bird. This game has many unique, exciting, and fun levels that we can play! It's a shame to miss it. 

Tested : Ratel Cell Android Oreo SD855
Mode : Offline


Video Gameplay

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