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Contra Evolution Mobile Android Game APK Money Mod

A game that I think is very cool and challenging to play is Contra. It is truly a classic game, similar to its original version that I used to play on the old Nintendo console when I was a child, but with improved graphics and the addition of 2 female characters with unique weapons. The two additional characters are Erica Ricci and Sally Inohara. Erica Ricci has the appearance of a tough female army member, and she has dual pistols as her weapon. On the other hand, Sally Inohara is an army personnel with the appearance of a Kunoichi and armed with shurikens. It is a fun 2D side-scrolling shooting action game. Like Rambo, the player will advance alone and destroy enemy bases. Despite the graphics not being as advanced as today's games, it is the typical gameplay that is very entertaining and exciting to play. All we do is move forward and slaughter the enemies that come in our way. I can say that the gameplay in this game is very simple, but also very fun! Hehe.


Video Gameplay

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