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Romancing Saga 2 RPG Turnbased Classic Mobile Android Game


It is an RPG game that offers a free exploration with an incredible gameplay formula. The experience that the game presents is so unique and peculiar, making players curious to keep playing it. At least, that's what I felt when I tried it myself. The story takes place in a kingdom led by a king named Leon, a powerful and respected king. The king has two sons. The first son is Victor, who is strong and brave. The second son is Gerard, who is intelligent and gentle-hearted. The tranquility of the king's family is disturbed by the appearance of a group of people called the Seven Heroes. Legend says that the Seven Heroes will come to save the world from chaos, but instead the opposite happens. The Seven Heroes attack the Avalon palace and slaughter its inhabitants, making the king furious. In order to defeat the powerful Seven Heroes, King Leon asks for help from a seer to master a unique magic. With the acquired magic, the king introduces a new war strategy and gathers a group of skilled warriors to fight against the Seven Heroes. Will they be able to save the kingdom from destruction? Only time will tell.


Video Gameplay

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