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Ninja Arashi Action Platformer Mobile Android Game

I am interested in this game because I have played its previous series which was released recently. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the mod apk for it until now, as I am writing this post. However, the gameplay is really fun, with challenging difficulty levels. Like other free games, it has many limitations. For example, when our character dies three times in a mission, we have to redeem it with a certain number of coins or watch an advertisement to continue. So, I prefer to wait for the mod apk and then share it here. That's why I am looking for the first series, hoping that it has gameplay as fun as the second one. It turns out it does, and I found a mod with unlimited money. This mod makes the gameplay more unrestricted, without being bound by in-app purchases or ads. We can even use it to buy cool and unique costumes like a samurai or assassin. It can also be used to upgrade the skills or moves of the main character. Menus


Video Gameplay

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