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Megaman X Dive Offline Version 1.9gb APK + OBB Full Mod




Megaman X Dive Offline
Android version sudah bisa dimainkan tanpa internet 
Seru bgt fren. kaya metalslug awakening.

/Mega Man X Dive is a game developed by Capcom, an action game that takes us on an exciting adventure through the Mega Man X series. With an intriguing storyline and captivating gameplay, this latest installment of the iconic franchise brings back nostalgic memories while introducing new features to keep players hooked. In Mega Man X Dive, we have the opportunity to enjoy the game without an internet connection. The offline mode allows us to immerse ourselves in the immersive world of Mega Man X anytime and anywhere. We will battle fierce enemies or explore challenging levels. Experience the thrill of controlling our favorite characters in this series, such as Mega Man X, Zero, Axl, and many others. Engage in intense battles against powerful bosses and discover various interesting secrets as we progress through the gameplay. In various levels, we can collect and upgrade various weapons and abilities to enhance our gameplay experience.


Video Gameplay

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