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Tomba! Play On BB OS 10 Android Runtime Emulator PSX for Mobile Phone Android Also

Tomba! Game Rom 

Kali ini main games Retro Nostalgia di HP BB Runtime OS Android Blackberry OS 10 di HP mimin game ini Tomba! konsol PS game Action platformer RPG 2D dengan grafis yang OK interaktif banget dan puzzle teka tekinya itu loh seru berpetualang sebenarnya ada series ke 2 nya juga next time mimin bahas lagi ya..

Tenang Buat HP Android Bisa juga tentunya dengan emulator EPSXE yang telah disediakan link dibawah ya sama tutorial pasangnya..

/This time, I played the Retro Nostalgia game on my BlackBerry device running Android Blackberry OS 10. The game I played was Tomba! It's a 2D action platformer RPG game on the PlayStation console. The graphics are pretty good, and the game is highly interactive with fun and challenging puzzles. It's an exciting adventure game, and there's even a sequel to it. We can discuss that next time.

Relax for an Android cellphone. Of course, you can also use the EPSXE emulator which has been provided in the link below with the installation tutorial.

Retro Arch BB Q10 Native .bar 
(Use only for BB OS10 with keypad / qwerty work)

Epsxe Emulator PS 1 / PSX for reguler android

Oke this time i play old game PS1 OR PSX on My Phone Android remember me when old time when i was kid play this game, For Graphics very nice in time with Soundtrack very good also  Story

Tutorial install EPSXE Android OS Also

1. Install Epsxe Emulator PS 

2. Load open game (this example games tested on my Phone)

3. Enjoy and play


Video Gameplay

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