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Recommendations PPSSPP / PSP Game For Mobile Android GAME Scooby doo, Tomb raider, Full metal alchemist , Despicable me, COD

Play PPSSPP / PSP games first on the weekend
The recommendations this time are Scooby Doo, Tomb Raider, Full Metal Alchemist, Despicable Me and COD

/Maen game ppsspp / psp dulu di weekend
rekomendasinya kali ini Scooby doo, Tomb raider,  Full metal alchemist , Despicable me dan COD

This time i recommendation nice gameplay games ppsspp / psp games check this fren good graphics and nice story also.. thanks for read my web enjoy

All psp / ppsspp games Download

Emulator ppsspp Download

Install :

1. Download game rom

2. Extract file if format file .zip .7z .rar

3. Buka emulator PPSSPP apabila belum punya bisa Download diatas dan install ppsspp dulu
/Open the PPSSPP emulator if you don't have it, you can download above and install ppsspp first

4. Lalu cari buka game rom yg sudah di extract tadi di Emu psp alias PPSSPP
/Then look for open the game ROM that was extracted earlier in Emu PSP aka PPSSPP

5. Play game enjoy 

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