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Lets talk about old retro Mobile Android Games 2014 below

Back in the day, mobile game developers like Gameloft and Electronic Arts were really dedicated in creating games. The quality was excellent for its time, especially when it came to the storytelling in the games. Unfortunately, after the 2014 era, there seemed to be a decline in quality. Could it be due to factors like in-app purchases, gacha mechanics, or microtransactions? Or is it because of the shift in trends, where developers prioritize creating online games that generate more revenue? What do you think about this? By the way, if any of you still have a collection of classic Android games, feel free to share them in the comments, my friends. 
i hope they dev will make more fun games like old android good era 

/Developer mobile game jaman dulu seperti Gameloft dan
Electronic Arts kalo bikin game emang niat banget ya.
Kualitas nya sangat bagus di jamannya apalagi Story in gamenya, sayang setelah era 2014an keatas seperti ada penurunan kualitas.
Apakah faktor in AP / gatcha / micro transaction Atau faktor peralihan jaman sehingga developer lebih memprioritaskan membuat game online yang lebih menghasilkan?
Kalau menurut kalian gimana?
Btw yang masih koleksi game Jadul Android bisa Share koleksinya di komen ya fren..
Berharap mimin dev games membuat lagi gamenya seperti dulu lagi yang bagus

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