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Honkai Star Rail New Anime Mobile Game 144mb APK Online in 2023


"Honkai: Star Rail" is the latest Space Fantasy RPG game from the HoYoverse. In this game, players will board the "Astral Express" and witness the magical and fantastic beauty of the galaxy while embarking on exciting and thrilling adventures. Players will meet new companions from various worlds as well as familiar faces. Together with them, players will solve problems caused by the "Stellaron" and uncover the mysteries behind it! May this journey take us to the stars! □ Explore Many Worlds - Explore the wondrous universe 3, 2, 1, Warp is about to begin! Space stations with rare objects stored within, alien planets with eternal winter, fleets of giant ships hunting down evil... Each stop on the Astral Express offers a galaxy view like never before! Explore various worlds and their magical and fantastic civilizations freely, and uncover the mysteries within! □ Enjoy an Exciting RPG Experience - Embark on unforgettable interstellar adventures Our game technology presents a high-quality story, while our innovative facial expression system brings realistic facial expressions, with original HOYO-MiX music as the background. This galactic adventure starts from within yourself, where you will experience it firsthand, immerse yourself in it, and make your own choices to reach the end of the story! □ Meet Cool Companions - Embark on an extraordinary journey with new friends In this vast starry ocean, there are endless encounters and adventures. Prepare tickets for your companions and embark on this amazing journey together with them! Alongside the cheerful and energetic girl with amnesia, the honest and noble Silvermane Guard, the lazy Cloud Knight General, and the professional and mysterious beautiful woman... Solve the "Stellaron" crisis together and shape your past, present, and future with laughter and tears. □ Innovative Strategic Duels - Attack weaknesses and win battles The latest battle system with simple yet strategic controls. Use "Techniques" and exploit various "Weakness Break" types to suppress enemies, then unleash dazzling "Ultimates" to end battles in style. Get ready to enjoy battles with a satisfying rhythm! In the random "Simulated Universe," there are various intriguing elements and nearly 100 Blessings and rare items that will enhance your power, allowing you to challenge increasingly unpredictable battle environments. □ Famous Voice Actors Enhance the Engaging Story - Form the Dream Voice Cast in Multiple Languages! When warm words, choice-driven storylines, and characters with soul come together with emotions, expressions, scripts, complex character designs, and voice actors in four different languages, characters are no longer just characters, but they will become your closest companions, accompanying you in writing new chapters in your journey. Please note that this translation may not be 100% accurate, as it is generated by an AI language model.


Video Gameplay

Info Game
📃Title : Honkai Star Rail
🎬Genre : Turnbased
🎮Mode : Online
🚻Multiplayer : -
⏱️Year : 2023
📱Platform : Android
📝Dev/Pub : Cognosphere
💾Size : 144mb+
⭐Rating :  4.2 / 5.0
🔖Store : Playstore (Free Game)
OS : Android 6 + Up 

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