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DragonSpear EX Action Platformer Android Anime

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DragonSpear-EX is a game developed and published by Game2Gather. It seems that this game is only released on mobile platforms. Correct me if I'm wrong, as there is very little information about this in the game. Considering its impressive visuals, there is a high possibility that the game may also be released on major platforms like consoles and PC. In DragonSpear-EX, we will control one of six charming characters. Each character has their own class, weapon, fighting style, and skills. The main objective in this game is to fight against the monsters that attack the city and defeat the bosses in each level. The game offers easy and enjoyable side-scrolling RPG gameplay. However, there are still challenging elements in each level to keep the excitement intact. With such beautiful visuals and graphics, as well as cool skill effects from the characters, we can spend a lot of time playing this game.


Video Gameplay

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