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Aqua Ippan Like Metal Slug Game PC Play Now Android (Winlator) Emulator Windows

Winlator Emulator  Download

Aqua Ippan Download

This time Mimin is playing emulator games again, there is a new emulator, namely Winlator, the same as Exagear with good performance and there are Turnip+Zink and Virgil driver graphics settings along with other settings to optimize the emulator.

Mimin tested a good game in the demo stage, namely Aqua Ippan, a game similar to Metal Slug, great, really fun and light, Mimin tested the game on the HP Sharp Aquos R3 Snapdragon 855 Android OS 11 Ram 6GB

/Kali ini mimin main games emulator lagi ada emulator baru yaitu winlator sama kaya exagear dengan perfoma yang bagus dan ada setingan grafis driver Turnip+Zink dan Virgil beserta Setingan lainnya yang buat mengoptimalkan emulator nya 

Mimin test game yang bagus dalam tahap demo yakni Aqua Ippan games mirip metal slug mantap seru banget dan ringan gamenya mimin test di HP Sharp aquos R3 Snapdragon 855 Android OS 11 Ram 6gb

Tutorial Winlator + Install Games

1. Install Winlator APK

2. Extract Obb name OBB  (main.1.com.winlator.obb)
to Internal/Android/OBB

3. Exract Folder games PC example aqua ippan with like this 

to Folder Internal/Download/

4. Open winlator emulator

then setting winlator like this, add containers first

5. And open games Drive D on Winlator search folder example this game Aqua Ippan And click .exe file and enjoy play games


Video Gameplay

After retrieving an artifact buried at the bottom of a lake, student divers Itou and Yena find themselves being hunted by a local armed group called 'Vigilanti' looking to steal their treasure. Now the pair must escape the region and bring their artifact back to their school!

Heavily inspired by arcade games from the 90s, Aqua Ippan is a ‘Shoot’em Up’/platformer game currently in development that can be played by one or two player(s). Despite being a modern game, it feels and plays like a true arcade classic, and pays homage to the Metal Slug series with its artstyle, detailed animations and jazz-fusion music.

While they are underarmed, these divers make up for it with their flexibility and speed! They're capable of shooting their spearguns quickly at multiple different angles.

They can also rescue some kids part of the local 'Spray Gang' that got caught vandalising the place, which in return can help the divers by closely following them and attacking anyone trying to sneak up on their saviors!

To help even the playfield, the duo can come across and collect these helpful items during their escape:

This carbonated drink packs quite the punch! One sip of this will give the players an extra life, helping them keep their stack of allies longer.
These sturdy oxygen tanks can be used as throwable weapons. If one of these hits an enemy, its valve will break off and the pressure will make the tank fly towards the next closest enemy!
These bricks are thrown faster and are more plentiful than the oxytanks, but they break on impact and can't bounce on the floor. So be sure to throw them precisely!

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