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Turmoil Simulation / Strategy Mobile Android New Game APK

Turmoil is a simulation and strategy game developed by Gamious and LTGAMES GLOBAL, released in 2016. The game is available on PC platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux), mobile platforms, and some console platforms. The main objective of the game is to become a successful oil magnate in the 19th-century oil rush era. The game is set in the past, specifically during the American oil mining era in the 1800s. Players take on the role of ambitious entrepreneurs, seeking fortune by drilling for oil on unclaimed lands. Players must choose a character from several different options, each with their own special abilities. Once a character is chosen, the game begins with a set amount of money to invest in oil drilling ventures. Players must choose drilling locations and start searching for oil with the help of geological indicators showing the potential for oil. During the drilling process, players must manage their budget wisely, as drilling and upgrading costs can add up quickly.

Other infrastructure can be expensive. Once oil is discovered, we must extract it using pumps and bring the oil to the surface. Then, the oil must be sold in the market at competitive prices. In addition to searching for oil, we also compete with three other opponents controlled by the computer. We must be smart and quick in making decisions to gain the largest share of the market and outperform other competitors in terms of profit. Turmoil demands us to have a good financial management strategy. Decisions must be made carefully regarding how much money should be invested in new drilling, purchasing upgrades, and when to sell oil.


Video Gameplay

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