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Tauceti FPS Ultra HD Game Mobile APK


sapa tau kalian suka sama FPS game jenis ini yg satu ini dari developer badfly yg offline2 itu semua?? Nih ada satu game yg baru spa tau kalian suka sama gamenya. nama gamenya Tauceti

Size: 1.75GB
Mode: Offline
Genre : FPS laga Action

TauCeti Technology Benchmark - Your spaceship has lost contact and crashed. Lifeboat saved your life and brought you safely to the surface of the planet Tau Ceti, in the middle of the jungle. The planet Tau Ceti, a beautiful but dangerous place. It is filled with unknown life forms, maybe some of them reasonable, but it is unlikely they will be happy to wreckage of your ship and survivors. The mysterious temples can offer shelter and knowledge, but they are often also full of dangers. Can you survive on an alien planet and uncover its secrets?


Video Gameplay

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