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Shapik The moon quest Point n Click Puzzle Mobile Android APK

Shapik: The Moon Quest is an indie adventure game developed by Russian developer Paul Podberezko. The game was released in 2020 and is available to play on PC through Steam. It can also be played on Android. In Shapik: The Moon Quest, players control a character named Shapik, a small creature living in a beautiful forest. The game's story begins when Shapik's beloved is kidnapped by an evil creature. Shapik embarks on a thrilling adventure to rescue their loved one. The game offers an adventure experience with puzzle elements. Players navigate Shapik through various levels and try to solve puzzles in the areas. Our main mission is to explore different locations, find clues, and overcome obstacles to save the beloved character. Shapik: The Moon Quest features beautiful graphics with detailed environments and atmospheric music. The game provides a captivating adventure with challenging puzzles and an immersive atmosphere. It offers an enjoyable experience for players looking for a unique indie adventure game.


Video Gameplay

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