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Russian car driver simulation game mobile android APK


Experience the most realistic driving simulator of the legendary Soviet Russian truck - ZIL 130! Immerse yourself in the world of trucking, starting from a beginner and progressing to a professional long-distance truck driver. Build your career by participating in local races, mastering parking and trailer attachment, conquering off-road terrains, maneuvering through traffic, climbing mountains, and overcoming challenging obstacles. With a wide variety of game modes, you'll never get bored in this huge, realistic, and dynamic world that changes with weather and time of day. Be mindful of the advanced truck damage system, which can significantly impact your truck's performance. Various road events will keep you on your toes while driving. Transport over 90 types of cargo, each with its own unique features. Your reputation will be shaped by your actions, so choose wisely which side you align with. Expand your trucking empire by opening your own company and hiring drivers. Customize your truck with a wide range of styles, upgrades, modernizations, and accessories to create a unique look. Enjoy the game radio feature, allowing you to play your favorite music while on the road. Discover all this and more as you take control of the legendary ZIL 130 truck. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable trucking journey!

 🔸🔸🔸 Recommended system requirements for the game 🔸🔸🔸 

✔ Android 5+ 
✔ Processor: 4 cores x 1.8 GHz or better 
✔ Adreno 330 Video accelerator or similar (Mali series video accelerators are partially supported) 
✔ 2 GB RAM or more 
✔ 250 MB free space

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Graphic good
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Video Gameplay

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