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Contra Tournament New Battle Royale Game Android APK

Baru Riliss!! Game Battle Royale Terbaru, Ringan cuma 600mb an.. Nama Gamenya Contra Tournament.

/New Release!! Newest Battle Royale Game, Lightweight, only 600mb.. The name of the game is Contra Tournament.

The Contra you know is back with a blood-pumping battle royale! New field, new adventure! The closed beta for Contra: Tournament is now live in the Philippines. Stay tuned for more updates!
Build your squad and leverage hero abilities to win the chicken dinner! Nostalgic Contra weapons and classic stage scenes all in an upgraded high-tech battlefield.

Reunite with Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, and other brothers in arms for a thrilling fight!
Loot authentic Contra firearms—Spread Gun, Laser Gun & more—for a festive flashback to the good old days.
Slay iconic stage bosses to collect special supplies amid intense combat.

Team up with four and pick your heroes to carry out space missions. A scavenger hunt, hide-and-kill, and a running race to enter the safe zone—do all it takes to be the last man standing!

Switch between dozens of dazzling futuristic weapons advanced by a wide selection of attachments. Power up to unleash your killer instinct!

Optimize hero abilities and divide roles in the team to get better winning chances. Turn the tables with a deadly blow and make your own history!

Video Gameplay

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