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As soon as I saw the post, I was immediately interested in wanting to play it again. Especially after I checked the links were indeed dead. Hehee, there is a reason to play this game again by updating it. Unique and addictive gameplay, a survival game with RPG game elements in it. Plus the visuals of the graphics are also nice to see.
A unique game for me. And of course a good and fun game to play.
At the beginning of the game I have to choose one of several jobs from the three jobs or jobs that have been opened.
Namely Farmer, Worker, and Aprentice. Each skill has a different status, which means it will also have its own strengths and weaknesses. Then the next job or another will open if the player has reached a certain point in the adventure in the gameplay. It looks like the other jobs have a more favorable status compared to the initial jobs that are already available.
The story setting in this game itself is a man and his family who he loves are in an area that is involved in war. One by one the neighbors have fled, but the man and his family

decided to stay. Until one day, a loud bang was heard with the shadow of a tank approaching the place. Suddenly a bullet was fired. Suddenly, because of this man's reflexes, he made his body protect his family until he fell down. It was at this critical moment that he ordered his family, his brother and daughter to run. Luckily the man survived, he rose to survive to find his family.
So this is where the gameplay begins, the man will walk in the heat of the desert in this initial adventure. The gameplay adventure is horizontal, that is, the player will walk from left to right of the screen, while carrying his tools. This game can be said survival because, there is a pleasure bar, hunger and thirst. So on his way, the player must stop to collect useful materials to help him survive.
Be careful also in choosing food. Because on the way, sometimes we will meet an animal that has died rotting.
My advice is don't eat it. It's full, but it will make the character get sick

stomach, which will reduce his hunger bar every second it goes. Then occasionally stop to sleep, in order to raise the pleasure bar, perhaps also intended as a stamina bar. The thrill is that as a survival game, of course there are enemies in this game. And interestingly, the battles in this game are like an RPG game, but take place automatically. When I tried it, I had to deal with wild wolves as a tutorial. With my character's knife, I managed to defeat the wolf and get some meat for his journey. I don't know, what will happen on the next trip, in the next few steps??!


Video Gameplay

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