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Goat Simulator Game Mobile Android V2 Version

The series of unique Goat games. Where has been added to the zombie character and survival mode. At the beginning of the game the player will get two choices of modes, namely casual and survival modes. In survival mode, the player must survive as long as possible in a world of goats full of zombies.
Apart from surviving and continuing to look for food, players must also complete additional missions. As usual, the goat seems to have super powers, zombies will die in just 3 hits. Even players will also be assisted by tools/weapons that will help the goat survive from zombie attacks.
Players can get weapons through several items that players can get in the area around the goat. Which usually has a lock icon on the item, you can also look for inventory boxes with a red light icon. If you have got a lot of items, look at the goat's storage box. What are the formulas needed to be able to use the homemade weapon earlier.
If the player has got all the ingredients to make it, the player is quite steady and will automatically be on Si's back


Video Gameplay

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