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Game of Thrones 4gb APK + OBB Game Mobile Visual Novel Movie + Full Reviews

Finally found the full episode game of file
Throne in English, after a while of stopping looking for it, even accidentally found it on a web/site when looking for a new game that you want to post.
This game is a game that carries point n click adventure gameplay, which was developed by well-known developer Telltale. No need to explain at length, for those who don't know what type of gameplay it is? That is a gameplay similar to the game The
Walking Dead Telltale Series.
IGame of Thrones apk +obb + data
Where players have to go through a series of interesting narratives and sometimes choose options from a conversation between characters that will determine the next storyline according to the version of the player who plays it.
Not only that, in a certain scene, players will also make interactive buttons according to the situation in the game, for example in battle or when the scene is sewing an incision.
So later players don't have to bother downloading episodes separately. In fact, players can jump straight to episode 6 if they want, hehee. If I'm reluctant, this game is one of my list of games that I will play until the end. Of course I will enjoy it slowly until the ending.
You can be sure that this game has a very interesting story, considering that this game is a game made by Telltale, a developer who is very well known for his ability to concoct a game's narrative story. Don't be surprised if later the player will feel annoyed with a scene because they unknowingly enter into the story of this game which is indeed full of intrigue plus cunning antagonists and several aristocratic characters who are on average annoying. That's enough for the review, I'm afraid it'll be a spoiler if it's extended.
:Samsung Galaxy J5
Lollipop. It's a bit laggy on the J5, right in the battle scene with lots of soldiers. Maybe later I will play it on Xiaomi R4P only.
: Full Episodes
No alias offline.
Internet connection
Required OS: 2.3 and up or


Video Gameplay

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